Our Story

Born on the beaches of the Gold Coast in Australia, Horton & Co. Timepieces are inspired to design classic timepieces that can travel anywhere you go. 
Horton & Co. Timepieces are designed with you in mind. From the sleek shape to the aesthetic lines, our timepieces are created to be with you and stay with you. 
It has been a dream of my own, George, and my partner Jade to create a timepiece that says style, luxury and affordability. One night we both decided that we should finish making excuses and just jump at it; this is when Horton & Co. Timepieces were born, and we have not looked back since. All we have ever wanted to do is create a luxury timepiece at an affordable price, and it's this that sets Horton & Co. Timepieces apart from the rest. Bringing our experiences from around the world into our design, Horton & Co. Timepieces are born to be a part of your outfit whether you're exploring the mountains or finding the perfect accessory for your suit. 
From the classic and original case, to the genuine leather that wraps around your wrist, each timepiece will be sure to fit into your wardrobe as if it was always there. 
We look forward to travelling through life together.
George Horton & Jade Reece 
Founders / Directors