The Horton & Co. Timepiece warranty policy is automatically in effect upon purchase of any Horton & Co. Timepiece product. Horton & Co. Timepiece grants a one (1) year warranty period on its watches. The warranty guarantees the buyer that the products meet the standards of usability, reliability and durability.

The warranties do not apply in case of:
- theft or loss;

- intentional damage;
- damages as a result of improper usage such as scratching, bumping or falling;

- normal wear and tear or aging of the used materials; or
- damages as a result of neglected care.

The warranty on a watch relates to the movement and not to other parts such as the glass or the strap. Wear traces visible on the watch, must be considered as normal effects of usage. The effects of perspiration on the strap differ from one person to another, due to the differences in acidity.

Horton & Co. Timepiece watches are 3 ATM Water Resistant: this means that the watch is protected against minor splashes of water. 3 ATM water resistant Horton & Co. Timepiece watches cannot be worn during showering, bathing, swimming or diving. Horton & Co. Timepiece watches should not be exposed to more than minor splashes of water or to chemical substances such as perfume, cosmetics and cleaning products.

The warranties no longer apply in case a third party performed repair works or other works on the product, without prior written permission by Horton & Co. Timepieces.

Shipment costs for a return shipment after a warranty request or repair request (for defects occurring after the buyer has used the product), will be borne by the buyer.

In case of questions regarding returns and warranty, the buyer can always contact the Horton & Co. Timepiece customer care team via the contact us section of the website or by the email below.